I'm a designer based in London, UK. Currently, I’m working on product ideas at Culture Trip. Take a look below at my previous work.


2016—2017 with Alistair Cohen

OnCare is a B2B SaaS business from the Founders Factory incubator. It's primary use case is serving care agencies that employ care workers who look after clients. The business has three apps which I helped prototype and design, including a React Native app for both iOS and Android which serves care workers and a responsive web app that serves agencies, care workers and family members of the patients. As well as working on product strategy, early prototypes and informing the User Experience, I also helped with fleshing out the brand.


2016 with Mathilde Leo

Carmen, now known as Frisbee, is a web based peer-to-peer workplace feedback tool from the Founders Factory incubator. The idea of Carmen bore out of the need to improve work place feedback by changing inefficient review systems that serve as a check box exercise at many large corps. My involvement included prototyping early ideas, conducting user interviews to find out peoples needs for getting candid, helpful feedback and designing the UI for the web app.


2015—2016 with Michael Willmott

Robin is a workplace training application from the Founders Factory incubator. Specifically geared towards sales reps, it was built to solve the problem of getting new sales reps up to speed faster and more efficiently when onboarding a new company. We focused on delivering an enjoyable experience around the vast amount of content companies already have and maximising on its impact by offering features like engagement stats and a way to like slides to establish a feedback loop to management. Question features were added to gauge the output from individual team members. These features came from interviewing our development partners who used Robin during it's early days to inform our product decisions.


2014—2015 with Alex Nako

State, the world’s global opinion network. Tag your opinions and let the world know what you think through structured analysis. Find someone who thinks differently to you and have a friendly debate or find someone with similar opinions and create friendships. I worked on refreshing the iOS and Android apps and helped redesign and launch the new responsive web app.

Wonder PL

2014 with Fabio Basile and Ryan Murphy

Wonder PL was a premium video mobile service for iOS. It boasted editorially curated videos in categories like creativity, health and wellness among others. I was brought in to improve the UX of their iOS app, and the visual design as well as work on the front-end for their new web based video project management app.