I'm a designer based in London, currently making websites and apps at Founders Factory.


2015—2016 with Michael Willmott

Robin is a workplace training application. It was built from the ground up to offer a supportive learning culture for members onboarding a new company. Focus on delivering an enjoyable experience around the vast amount of expensive content already existing within organisations and maximizing on its impact by offering features like engagement stats and a liking system to sustain a feedback loop to management and questions to guage value output from individual team members.


2014—2015 with Alex Nako

State is the world’s structured opinion network. With the help and support of a world-class team, I helped craft new experiences in the app, on the web and through email. We worked in quick design sprint cycles to iterate our work fast and efficiently. User tests and diary studies provided us with quantitative and qualitative feedback to further explore different design solutions to the problems we faced. My time at State was a great learning experience where I learned to value testing and measuring the impact of an assumed solution.

Introducing the Material Design language to the State Android app, including a new launcher icon. I worked closely with the Android dev team to implement the changes.

Wonder PL

2014 with Fabio Basile and Ryan Murphy

I worked with the energetic team over at Wonder Place to help realign the aspirations of the company with the ever changing and competitive video market. First we realigned the brand and design of the mobile app to better match the target market audience, and then we started work on a ground breaking workflow web application for indie movie makers and large production houses.

More coming soon